A Summer By The Grill...


Favorite Quartet: A delicious Bacon Coffee paired with one of our Favorite Trios!


You wouldn’t dare break up your favorite Quartet, would you? Make sure you get the Sweet and Savory scented Bacon Brew Coffee and all three rubs, blended with ground dark roast coffee, to inspire and compliment your culinary skills and complete your spice rack! I mean, where would Maxine be without Khadijah, Synclaire and Regine right?

Summer & Spice Collection

Grind Choice
  • What?! Don’t worry - we’re not serving you a mug of bacon fat. This bacon infused medium roast smells like a hint of bacon- similar to your favorite diner, and has a sweet maple taste when you add a touch of cream. Enjoy this without the guilt of overindulging in bacon.

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