A Summer of Spirits


Keep summer vibes alive with this Summer’s Coffee Flavors List of Scotch Whiskey, Amaretto and K’Lua. 

Each blend takes you to your favorite part of summer! Whether that’s relaxing in your silk robe with a cup of Coffee and Scotch Whiskey fusion, sipping pool-side with an Italian gourmet blend of almond & cherry -AKA Amaretto, or gently swaying in a hammock with this deliciously smooth sweet coconutty fresh coffee- You’re sure to go places without ever leaving your comfort zone.

Blended Spirits Coffee Collection

Grind Choice
  • Feel like the person resting in their study, sitting in a silk robe, all while enjoying a cigar! With this bold aroma, you’ll catch a whiff of coffee and whiskey as you pair it with your favorite creamer, rich desserts, or belgian waffle.

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